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Pursue quality, refuse low price, what happened to him in the end?

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Quality is not enough, low price to come together! The price war can be said to be a "cliche" in the laundry industry. In recent years, with the market becoming more and more saturated, the competition is becoming more and more fierce, and the price war is also in full swing. Some laundry factories even want to muddle up the water even at the expense of "losing money to earn money".

However, fortunately, even though the industry is difficult, some laundry factories still adhere to the original intention, resist the pressure, save energy consumption and reduce costs on the basis of pursuing quality and improving quality, and have walked out of a healthy road of standardized operation and healthy development.

Facing the epidemic and increasing business by 60%

Some people say that the epidemic situation is a mirror, accurately reflecting the difference between good enterprises and poor enterprises. To be sure, those enterprises that survived the epidemic and even grew stronger have their own advantages. Just like Shijiazhuang Shuo Rong, it started trial operation in the beginning of 2019. Within one year of operation, it encountered the biggest crisis in the history of the whole industry. However, what is unexpected is that Shuo Rong not only survived the impact of the epidemic, but also recovered the output of 5000 sets in the same period of last year after the domestic epidemic situation stabilized. It also achieved a good result of 60% business growth in July this year, with more than 8000 sets of cloth washing per day.

Up to now, Shuo Rong has become the largest modern laundry factory serving the hotel field in Shijiazhuang City, with 150 cooperative hotels, including more than 10 star hotel customers and many brand chain hotels under Huazhu, ShouLv Rujia and Guoda Yijia. In the words of Zhao Binglong, general manager of Shuo Rong: the reason why Shuo Rong has been recognized by so many new and old customers depends entirely on quality and service! The good quality of Shuo Rong is reflected in all aspects.

In terms of plant standardization and automation, Shuo Rong can even compete with the advanced washing factories in Europe and America.

At present, only half of the 10000 square meters of Shuo Rong's washing workshop is used as the washing area, and the remaining 5000 square meters are used as the grass rental business in the later stage to leave sufficient space. The workshop is 15 meters high, and windows are opened on the roof, which is not only ventilated, transparent and spacious. Through the reasonable layout planning of Weishi engineer team, a two-layer drying area is built above the washing workshop, which not only increases the actual use area by 2000 square meters, but also makes full use of the air heat above the workshop, creating more convenient conditions for drying. At the same time, the underground pipe gallery is also built under the ground of Shuo Rong workshop, and all equipment pipelines and power wiring are passed through the underground culvert, which not only reduces the heat dissipation caused by the thermal pipeline to the workshop, but also improves the standardization and cleanliness of the plant area.

As far as the degree of automation is concerned. From sorting to ironing and folding. The whole process can be described as "Flowing Clouds and flowing water", the ingenuity of its designers can be seen.

"Since the beginning of the factory, we have been pursuing only quality. From the planning and construction of the plant area to the selection of equipment, washing chemicals and reverse osmosis water treatment system, we are always pursuing quality. We always put the washing quality in the first place and put the interests of customers in the first place. In order to wash the cloth more cleanly, we use pure water at any cost; in order to make the cloth more smooth, we visited the equipment manufacturers, and finally chose Weishi with high efficiency and higher flatness to cooperate. Now it seems that our original intention and persistence are right. At present, our customers' evaluation of our linen quality and service is higher than expected, which is undoubtedly a shot in the arm to our pursuit of quality washing. " Zhao Binglong said with emotion.


Advanced efficiency,
From 300 / person / hour to 1000 / person / hour

Some people say that there is another word between "think" and "get", and that is "do it". But if we want to "do it", we still need a foundation, that is "ability".

Many laundry factories had the same original intention as Shuo Rong, and they wanted to pursue quality, but they failed to meet it because of their lack of ability. How to complement the ability and enhance the ability has always been a test of the wisdom of operators.

In order to ensure the working efficiency and the washing quality of cloth grass, Shuo Rong purchased Weishi washing equipment. Two 14 bin 75kg washing dragons, two roller type high-speed ironing lines and a set of trough type ironing lines are used. In addition, the circulation in the cloth factory adopts the front and rear hanging bags + conveyor belt system, which greatly reduces the manual participation and improves the production capacity.

However, with the gradual improvement of the domestic epidemic situation, Shuo Rong gradually opened the market in Shijiazhuang and gained good reputation. Performance from 5000 sets to 8000 sets at the same time, the problem also appeared, that is, a large number of pillow cases ironing every day has become a bottleneck in the workshop. As brand hotel customers have higher requirements for the flatness of pillow cases, so Shuo Rong can only use slot ironing. However, although the flatness of pillow cases is high enough, the efficiency can not meet the requirements of Shuo Rong. The slow ironing of pillow cases seriously affects the production progress.

In the face of this production capacity dilemma, Shuo Rong thought of Weishi for the first time. Through understanding the use of Weishi equipment, they believe that Weishi must have a solution. And Weishi is also expected to live up to its expectations. The first roll trough type high-speed pillow case ironing line in China was successfully installed and operated in Shuo Rong not long ago. This ironing line not only has high flatness, but also improves the ironing speed from 300 per person per hour to 800-1000 per person per hour, from 1000 per hour to 3500 per hour, nearly three times the efficiency improvement, which solves the bottleneck of pillow case ironing and greatly shortens the working hours. At present, the 50 employees in Shuo Rong factory only need 10 working hours More than 8000 sets of cloth (more than 30 tons) can be washed, which not only saves energy, but also reduces costs.

According to Zhao Bing, sales general manager of Weishi North District, this roller trough type high-speed pillow case ironing line is developed for a laundry factory like Shuo Rong, which requires high efficiency due to its large business volume and high requirements for pillow case quality. High efficiency and high quality ironer is achieved by complementary advantages of roller chest, that is, roller ironer makes up for the efficiency of chest ironer, and chest ironer improves the quality of roller ironer. The water content of pillow case is rapidly evaporated by the front 4 rollers, and the high quality is flattened by the later chest ironer. Therefore, high quality can be considered at the same time with high efficiency.

In addition to solving the problem of pillow case ironing efficiency at one stroke, the upgrade of Weishi equipment makes Shuo Rong even more powerful. Zhao Binglong said: "Weishi is really an equipment manufacturer that really considers for customers. In recent years, the innovation of washing equipment is changing with each passing day. Laundry factories also know that the efficiency of new equipment must be higher. However, it is obviously unrealistic to replace equipment frequently in order to pursue efficiency. After all, equipment investment is not small. In this regard, Weishi did not recommend new equipment to us, but put itself in the position of our actual interests and upgraded our equipment. And it's just a cost charge. Taking the dryer as an example, Weishi added infrared humidity detector to the original equipment. After installation, the detector can control the drying according to the actual humidity of the cloth in the dryer, avoiding the same drying time for towel and bath towel with different materials and different quality, resulting in energy waste, and avoiding over drying and hardening caused by excessive drying. According to the actual measurement, the upgraded dryer saves 6 minutes compared with the previous drying of a cart of cloth grass. We didn't go into the subtle measurement of how much energy was saved per dryer, but we saved 17% of our total drying energy. "

It is understood that after the dryer has been upgraded, Shuo Rong will also upgrade the washing dragon system. Not long ago, Weishi's continuous batch washer combined with the press, after improvement, has reached a high efficiency of 33 cakes per hour. Therefore, Zhao Binglong is quite excited about upgrading the washing dragon. In this regard, Wei Shi Zhao Bing said: "it is impossible for many people to produce 33 cakes an hour, but it turns out that 33 cakes are not only possible, but also fully supported by theory and practice. In order to pursue cleanliness, we speed up the swing speed of linen in the laundry dragon, because within a certain range, the faster the swing speed, the stronger the washing mechanical force, and the higher the cleanliness. So there is no need to worry about the cleanliness of the linen. As for pressing 33 cakes an hour, we do not simply increase the pressing force to achieve efficiency improvement, but improve the technology of the press, so as to achieve fast pressing speed without damaging cloth grass


Advanced operation concept,younger and higher price

Shuo Rong factory has a very obvious feature is that the staff are very young, the average age of the staff is about 30 years old, including many college students. This is in sharp contrast to the main labor force of 50 or 60 years old in many domestic laundry factories. Such a younger personnel structure not only increases the vitality of the plant, but also improves the production efficiency. In general manager Zhao's words, only by making the equipment and staff with high quality and efficiency can the overall high quality and efficiency be achieved.

In addition to the fact that the employees in the factory are very young, Shuo Rong adheres to the established principles thoroughly. This principle is to reject price war. We all know that for a large-scale modern laundry factory like Shuo Rong, the first 1-2 years of operation is definitely a difficult period for survival. In order to get through the difficult period, some newly opened laundry factories in the industry have always used low price to grab jobs. This is also a great test for Shuo Rong. Facts have proved that Shuo Rong has withstood the temptation of "low price" and set up a new model for the industry.

In the words of Zhao Binglong, Shuo Rong is willing to spare no effort to pursue the quality of washing at any cost, but will not fight the price war at the cost of sacrificing quality. Because there is a cost for cloth washing, and low price also has a price. Besides quality and reputation, what is sold at low price also has reputation. Because of this, most of Shuo Rong's new customers are recommended by old customers and even come by word of mouth.

The law of attraction tells us that similar people will be more congenial. So Shuo Rong met Weishi, and Weishi also has unlimited enthusiasm for the pursuit of quality.

According to Weishi Zhao Bing, in order to pursue the quality of the equipment, Weishi equipment adopts high-quality accessories. As all ironing rolls are seamless rolls. This kind of seamless roller has high safety factor, strong stability and more durable; for example, the water bag of the press is made of high-quality products from foreign suppliers, with good squeezing effect and stable performance. Taking Shuo Rong as an example, the water bag of such a large-scale laundry factory has been used for 1.5 years, and still has no problem. The water bag of average quality can only be used for one and a half years. It takes 10000 yuan to replace a water bag, and the loss caused by shutdown is more. Weishi not only pursues quality in hardware, but also spare no effort in software. Take the bag hanging system that we are very familiar with as an example. We all see their orderly operation and think that this is a very simple thing, but it is not. The system is required to complete accurate docking for each trajectory of the bag and the time to reach a certain contact point. If it is not accurate enough, two bags of cloth will be put into the laundry dragon as a batch, or the washing dragon has finished washing and the hanging bag has not yet arrived at the feeding port. These things will never happen in Weishi.

Those shining sincerity

In this era of rapid development, everyone is a bit more defensive, as if others say to you that "Jun Mei is very beautiful" is bound to be "ask for it from you". However, in this era, sincerity is more precious.

Shuo Rong is very satisfied with the after-sales service of Weishi, as if they are partners of hand in hand; hotel customers are very satisfied with the washing service of Shuo Rong, which is more like a friend of mutual help than a buyer and a seller. Why do you get such recognition? That's because both Weishi and Shuo Rong are sincere and regard their partners as friends. For them, what they do is not after-sales service or washing service, but their friends need help when they are in trouble, so they spare no effort.

Published in the October,2020 edition of ILD magazine

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